Business Units

Development & Data Management

Value to business through development along with integrating and managing information.


Infrastructure Services Integrations

Multi-sourcing service integration & management: design and implementation of ICT infrastructures solutions to improve customer experience.




Enterprise Mobility Management

Tools and strategies to free mobile channel value: from Manged Mobility Services to Internet of Things.



Information Security Management

Procedures and technologies to safeguard and implement data value and critical infrastructures.









ISO 9001
ISO 27001



Our Mission

S2E promotes the mutual and continues growth to all Stakeholders.

We preserve and elevate the values ​​that guide every action from the beginning; Spontaneous transparency, shared goals and respect create a pleasant and honest working environment, where every employee can express their own skills by having fun. We believe, invest and develop our areas of excellence, aware of what the future requires for change. Curious and passionate we are constantly searching for the best Technologies in the world, together with a mutual knowledge and trust of our Partners, we achieve our Business driver: The Innovation. Technologies are not neutral, so our commitment is to model them into a dedicated and high-quality service that, coupled with careful investment planning, accompanies our clients to a successful strategy.


News from our world

Still #smartworking today but with an outsider … #smartworking #internalcomms #CatsOfTwitter #CatsOfTheQuarantine

Camera C@fè!
Prosegue l'appuntamento per una pausa caffè virtuale tra tutta la nostra #Community per darci il buongiorno.
Stamattina abbiamo sbirciato le nostre postazioni di lavoro. @SuperCesare

No captions needed: we all happy to see and greet each other and feel as close as possible, during this virtual coffee-break today… when a look is worth a thousand words. #Smart #COVID19 #internalcomms

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