Banca Progetto opts for S2E Solutions to Enterprises

The innovative Italian digital bank enters in cooperation with S2E to increase the security of its IT infrastructure


Milan, October 19th 2020 – Banca Progetto, specialized in services for small and medium-sized Italian companies and private customers, after having adopted an efficient and effective cloud-based approach, has started a collaboration with S2E Solutions to Enterprises, a business and technology innovation consulting company, leader in Information Security: the Company offers Security Advisory services, SOC design, industrial security, ethical hacking and eDiscovery.

Together with S2E, Banca Progetto has increased the security of its infrastructure thus favoring the convergence of the various organizational, logical and physical aspects of its business, with the prospect of maximizing the protection of the bank’s assets.

Banca Progetto has opted for S2E both for its natural inclination to innovation and for its proven operational excellence, in addiction to its particular focus on the cloud approach and the high standards of security and compliance that the Company provides to financial organizations of all sizes.

Thanks to this fruitful partnership, the innovative and technological benefits for the Bank translate in greater efficiency in several areas, including:

  • the management of the security features related to the IT infrastructure (network, systems and applications), both physical and in cloud systems;
  • the IT infrastructure and its security are monitored in real time in order to detect and catch early attempts at intrusion, attacks or misuse of systems;
  • services aimed at improving the level of protection of the organization (Security assessments, vulnerability assessments, early warning, security awareness).


Cesare Moroni, Ceo of S2E has commented: “We are excited about the collaboration with Banca Progetto that, with foresight, has looked to security not only as a purely technological theme, but also as a cultural approach, which will allow to be ready to face the dynamics of an evolving context such as that of a native digital bank.

In an increasingly interconnected ecosystem, in fact, security, intended in a global sense, is a critical element that plays a fundamental role in safeguarding the resilience and growth of an enterprise. S2E is an important player in the infrastructure digitalization: we have developed a solid expertise in cyber security continuing to invest in new services that will help our customers to automate and simplify the management of increasingly critical applications, with extremely stringent compliance criteria and security requirements.

“The focus of Banca Progetto on digital systems has been possible thanks to the comparison and integration with the realities of the fintech world, key factors in creating innovation through synergic solutions and in supporting the development of our business model” said Paolo Fiorentino, CEO of Banca Progetto. “Our entire infrastructure and ancillary services operate entirely in cloud computing and therefore the protection of our technological heritage is a crucial point for both us and the regulator. For this reason, it is essential for us to work with the best fintechs available on the market and the agreement with S2E, a leader in this sector, represents a further step towards consolidating the bank’s digital assets.



With offices in Milan and Rome and four operating areas, the company is able to respond to the evolving needs of markets and businesses by designing and implementing business-driven ICT solutions. S2E meets the business needs by placing technolgic innovation at the service and support of revenue, time-to-market, cost saving and customer satisfaction. S2E, through its own Software Factory and making use of best practices, continuously designs, manufactures and integrates solutions for its customers ensuring the highest standards of quality and release. In the light of development experiences in the most popular environments, platforms and processes, S2E is able to better meet the needs of the Business at the IT interlocutors. Its historical ETL and Data Management skills, reinforced today by solid experiences in the field of Big Data and Hadoop, allow the organization to propose to customers innovative solutions and application architectures, with a constant focus on reducing adoption and management costs.



Banca Progetto S.p.A., founded in 2015 from the reorganization of Banca Popolare Lecchese following the purchase by the Californian fund Oaktree, operates in the credit market directed at households and businesses also through the digital channel. With offices in Milan and Rome and a commercial network located throughout the country, Banca Progetto specializes in services for small and medium-sized Italian companies and private customers, in particular in products of Cession intended for private and state employees, public and para-public employees and pensioners as well as in medium-long term financing to Smes.