Mobility Pillars

The need: how to control and manage devices and telephone charges




Real Time Alert on Mobile (no bill-shock mode),

Control over variable and fixed costs, Landline-Mobile-Data

Automatized distribution for cost centers,

phoning dimension analisys, test





Management,  Governance, Compliance Mobile Fleets

Corporate,  Application Management, Corporate File Sharing, enhanced company mail system management

Per-App VPN e SSO

The need: Simplification, Innovation and Unification of applications and files into a single mobile workspace

Mobile Content Management & Collaboration


Enterprise file sharing e Collaboration for modern business mobility needs.

Safe sharing, full&rich featured business apps development, productivity improvement granting business and legal conformity.

Secure connection for coworkers.

Mobile Workspace Aggregator


It aggregates business application and files in one single safe online workspace accessible from every MOBILE device, every Operative System or browser.

No agents on devices, applicable to both personal or business ones.

Only requirement: a HTML5 browser and an Internet connection.


The need: business data and processes digitalization at low cost by exploiting the potential of mobile devices

Mobile Field Reporting


Let’s transfer data from the field to our company’s systems in real time using a smartphone (no matter if it is business  or BYOD).

Data collection, processes management and task distribution among employees working on the field.

Signing of electronic contracts with biometric technology and management of client’s visits, reporting audits or external surveys through a framework completelymoldable on any client’s shape.

Mobile Virtual Capture


Digitalization, Metadata mining through an user-experience mobile tool to use on clients’ systems.

The need: devices Securization, Communication and Apps and compliance!

Mobile Digital ID

Your mobile device becomes the only physical, logical and digital access key to services, applications and infrastructures.

Strong autentication based on biometric parameters (Face-Recognition, Iris, Voice, Fingerprint) according to the highest FIDO standards and PKI digital certification exchange, together with integrated Risk-engine (device age vs account age, places/movements ratio vs. speed and many others parameters) grant maximum personal and business data managed through smartphone.

Mobile Security

Data control, cloud proxy service to govern and monitor data traffic to/from mobile devices.

Integrated App reputation, real time code analysis, cost saving, roaming with integrated no bill-shock solution.



Recording and archiving SMS, MMS and phone calls sent by mobile devices in line with the requirements of today's regulations.

Integration with existing email archiving systems.

Everything in one Archive.