Mobility Visionaries


The need: Use innovative approaches to create culture and awareness in a Mobile First approach!


Mobile Social Banking

A new and revolutionary approach to the use of mobile wallet.

It allows Clients to offer innovative features in order to use a wide range of services in Finance area without boundaries, including P2P billing, sales control, recharge and credit transfer to other people from the inside of any Mobile App, including all social networking and text message apps.

It enables the services suppliers to control the participation, to grow brand royalty, to regain control on the sale channels and to improve client experience.


MAM Only

"Mobile Application Management" and "Enterprise App Store" for the distribution of business critical apps to 100% of a company's user population (BYOD contexts, contractors, store networks and other unmanaged devices).


Smart& IOT world

We can support actual and future work environments/conditions and development.

Study, development and integration of solutions and/or apps (single/ecosystem); IOT boosting: smart buildability/access/room management/s.tables/screen/leapmotion via mobile device.



Mobile Web Filtering

Advanced web and internet filtering management. 100% cloud (console management+filtering engine)

Owned App-browser

100% compatibility= IOS (Ipod too) - Android-Windows Phone - Windows Desktop - Mac OS - Chromebook - Kindle - Nook.