Business Intelligence to serve insurance mediator - Key value points

    • Trade and post-trade tool- the portal was designed as a financial consultant support tool, where one can consult information about the wallet and about the market, inside a single solution oriented to improve the communication with the customer and ease day-by-day efficiency.
    • Immediancy and simplicity - all major information are presented in a summarised and efficient way on a single "vertical" point of view, maintaining the overview and without overwhelming the user with information.
    • Non-intrusive depth- it is possible to access all the detailed information through specific modal windows which do not commit user to leave the page losing his view on the policy.
    • "seamless" integrations - the portal presents the information coming from Servizi dell Compagnia ()and integrates them with ones from external partners (ex. Morningstar).(es. Portafoglio, Anagrafiche Fondi, etc)
    • Technologically cutting edge but compatible -this tool is developed with the most advanced Enterprise-grade from BI and Front-end (ex.AngularJS) technologies to grant a modern and functional look & feel, with particular attention on retro-compatibility (downgraded graceful) to meet the needs of a b2b portal which will be used by intermediaries that use older systems (ex. Internet Explorer 8).


Datas concerning the user's wallet connectet to the portal: a mapping wil be provided in which many users will have access to the same policies depending the partner needs, here some examples:

  • Banks:
    • Bank Branch Operator will be able to see all the policies under his management;
    • Branch Director will be able to see all the Branch Operators policies;
    • Banks' Back Office will be able to see the Whole branches' portfolio;
  • Financial Promoters:
    • A Financial Promoter will be able to see only the policies under his management;
    • Area Managers will be able to see the policies of all the promoters of which they're competent.

Datas concerning the trend of the total equivalent and deposited prices give a prompt view over the trend of the portfolio below.

Sale support

In order to support the sales there's a direct integration with Morningstar portal avaliable, it will be possible to:

    • Filter the external funds on which you wish to work by fees/product (according to the reference partner);
    • View in detail or produce a report for every single fund on which you are eneabled to work;

It is even possible to use the "X-ray" tool to produce a specific investment scenario for every single customer, abscribing manually the different weights to the funds, from which it's possible to generate the same reportage available on an existing policy.

Research and policies details

It is possible to search for the policies, with the autocomplection of all the available datas existing in the portal. Some examples: già utilizzati:

  • contracting party Name and Surname ;
  • Contracting party Tax code/VAT;
  • Policy or proposal number;
  • All the policies which have been invested on a given fund (using ISIN).

All the portfolio "typical" information are displayed in an istant and synthetic way to improve their readability;

It is possible to make a grill-down of the information by using specific "modal Windows" which don't need a page change.

Funds details


All the external funds on which quotes are invested are submitted in a clear and synthetic form;

The portal also manages the external funds and separate managements in "simplified mode":  since they are specific company datas it is not forseen any integration with external services (ex. Morningstar);

An integration with Morningstar portal is expected in this way:

  • Single fund details;
  • X-Ray portfolio of the specific policy with the funds weighted on the actual investment.

Portfolio partition by investment Macro-categories, Morningstar categories and Management Society.

Equivalent Trend


An easy to read and filtrable over time graphic is being proposed, in which it will be possible to compare the total of the deposited prices (Subscriptions, Additional deposits,  with the equivalent of the given policy.

This rapresentatio allows to give the User a visual feedback, very promt and clear relative on the policy trend.

It is possible to select any point of the graphic to visualize the funds situation in the choosen date: even in this case it's possible to access all teh information in Morningstar portal by selecting a single fund.


Here is presented a graphic, very easy to read and filtrable by time windows, in which is shown the Whole performance of the policy calcuated using Money Weighted Rate of Return (MWRR) algorithm which weigh Investments and disinvestments over the time to separate immediate peaks in case of important Investments and disinvestments on the policy.

In a specific chart are reported the policy performances (calculated with MWRR algorithm) in the typical observation periods, 1,3,5 years from the effective date.

It is possible to include the annual perfomance for 3-5 years periods.

Movements, letters, kid and riprints

There is a section where all the quote movements happened on the policy.

By selecting the specific movement it is possible to visualize the detail of the funds moved by the specific operation.

There is a section that allows the reprinting by the intermediary of any type of document concerning the policy, below are some examples:

  • Communications to customers;
  • Reprints of transactions.

The portal allows you to print all the information of a policy, including graphics, to meet the needs of the company.
It is possible to display KID documents relating to the policy or individual funds through integration with the Company's systems.

Compatibility and references