S2E|solutions2enterprises launches the first RPA Academy in collaboration with Randstad, beginning in February 2021

Milan December 22nd, 2020X – It is a fact that Intelligent Automation, the joint use of Artificial Intelligence with other technologies that have been linked to process automation for a long time, including Robotic Process Automation (RPA), has reshaped the jobs of the future.

According to important analysts such as Netconsulting Cube 2020, in 2019 there was an increase in demand for artificial intelligence technologies to support business processes (from our customer relationship, to production processes up to operations), for a total market value of € 215 million in Italy.

In order to bridge the gap between the growing demand for new RPA skills and the professional resources currently available, S2E has launched a paid training course dedicated to the RPA world with the aim of selecting and training new professional profiles. The new profiles will obtain the Uipath certification, a global leader in the RPA sector, and can be immediately inserted in prestigious industrial and consulting realities.

“The RPA world is one of the areas of excellence in S2E, is a source of pride for the company: for this reason we believe in the importance of sharing our internal know-how and making it available to new professions. Our Academies focus on both the acquisition of core skills and the research and enhancement of our candidates’ skills. We work on both sides, confident that our new employees will be able to integrate into the professional context with determination and professionalism”, says Sonia Terranova, Head of Human Resources, S2E.

Technological innovation, talent and technical skills are the key elements underlying S2E’s partnership with its customers. To participate in the Academy click here


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